Mejiro Fashion & Art College – Fashion Show Pictures

Tokyo’s Design Festa is billed at the “Biggest Art Event in Asia”. That’s probably true, but Design Festa is much more than just art. Along with the artists, independent fashion designers and craftspeople from Japan – and all over the world – set up shop at Design Festa and offer their creations directly to the public. You can find everything from graphic t-shirts to custom sneakers to silver jewelry to extravagant lolita dresses (gothic and sweet) to colorful fairy kei and decora accessories to beautiful dolly kei headpieces. Most everything is handmade and often one-of-a-kind.

Mejiro Fashion & Art College Tokyo (20)

Another group of people you’re likely to bump into at Design Festa are students from Japan’s various art, design, and fashion schools. Students often have booths where they display and/or sell the items that they have created as projects for their classes. In some cases, a Design Festa booth is part of their class requirements.

Such was the case this weekend when Tokyo’s Mejiro Fashion & Art College set up several booths at the Fall 2011 Design Festa event. In addition to their booths, Mejiro College students also organized a fashion show on the indoor stage at Design Festa. We happened to be at the event, so we took some snapshots of the Mejiro Fashion & Art College fashion show to share with you. All of these outfits were created by the next generation of Japanese fashion designers.

You can click on any of the Mejiro Fashion & Art College fashion show pictures to blow them up.

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For more information on the Mejiro Fashion & Art College, check out their official website.

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  1. This is awesome! I love absolutely all the clothes, and the fact that they are not anorexic, like so many Western models. But imagine how hard it would be to walk on a slippery floor in a tight dress and heels while carrying a tower of cake ….

  2. This is so cool!
    A lot of these dresses and outfits are AMAZING! :D I wish I could wear a lot of them! (Especially the cute dresses in the first picture!)

  3. Mmmmm yessss ME LIKEY! More japanese GIRLS please!

  4. To Lauren: I like that too!

    But in Japan, models are found just by walking around; a lot of people seem to aspire to “be like” fashion models by how they dress and carry themselves, and let’s face it, the Japanese LOVE fashion. So it probably gets really competitive. But don’t be fooled… there ARE a lot of models (generally speaking) that are emaciated-looking, and women in the media (tv news reporters, to musicians, to actresses) are told flippantly and casually “you could do to lose a kilo or 3” all the time.

    It’s also really sad that I’ve seen Japanese magazine diet ads that show emaciated, anorexic/bulimic looking women (who imo, look REALLY unattractive because they’re nothing but skin and bones) and boldly advertise “this girl lost 20kg, and look how gorgeous she looks now!” or “that girl lost a whopping 35kg and what a hottie is she now?!” … and the girls all look like Holocaust starvation victims. And you just know there are insecure girls out there who think this is legit and try to follow the diets and starve themselves, thinking that looking this way is honestly attractive.

    Sorry, I got off on a tangent there… but yes! These models are great! I wish there were more “normal girls” like them!! I think they’re probably students or friends of students that attend these artsy schools :)

  5. Now THIS is fashion! Clothes you can actually wear in real life!

  6. รย๓๓єг

    Everything looks great to bad I can’t get some of those outfits or something similar over here in Pennsylvania. <—-A Girl that dreams of one day she will get her chance to go to Japan.—<

  7. Omg im in love with everything. I want all this fashion style! love it! *____*

  8. OMG, Can I please have Pic# 22 outfit to wear PLEASE!!! I love love love love love that outfit! <3

    But really all of these outfits are amazing!! I love all of them, I wish there was more stuff like that here in the states… /:

  9. So cute. I love the first outfit and the outfits w/ the girls holding the cakes. Is it just me or is the girl holding the cake in the peach colored outfit not Japanese? She looks more American. Either way, the outfits are still adorable!

  10. Fashion Victim

    Mejiro is having a annual fashion show at Spiral Hall , Aoyama
    February 4th Saturday, 2012. If you like come and see us.