Mickey Mouse x Lure Conscious Harajuku

The Lure Conscious shop in Harajuku currently has a window display showing fashion featuring Minnie and Mickey Mouse. The Disney characters are huge in Japan, as they are world wide, so it’s no surprise that Japanese fashion brands and clothing stores like to promote anything Mickey related.

Luscious Conscious Harajuku Mickey
Luscious Conscious Harajuku Mickey

One of the windows features an image of Minnie Mouse with a big British flag and the words “World Trip – Mickey & Minnie”.

Lure Conscious Harajuku Minnie

The Mouse related clothing and accessories they are selling includes t-shirts and bags with the images of both Mickey and Minnie on them in various different designs.

Lure Conscious Harajuku Shirts

You can see a few of the t-shirts and their prices in the following picture. The prices for the Mouse t-shirts shown here run from around US$70 to over US$100.

Lure Conscious Harajuku Window

The black and white and purple long Minnie Mouse t-shirt on the right features the text “Face The Music” and fits in nicely with the Spring 2009 Tokyo resurgence of the “large text” t-shirts made popular by designer Katharine Hamnett back in the 1980’s.

The Lure Conscious Japanese fashion shop is located in Harajuku on Meiji Dori near the intersection of Omotesando Dori, across the street from LaForet Harajuku and just next door to the The Gap.

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