Minori’s Milk Boy Hoodie, Jane Marple Beret, Piano Purse & Teddy Bear Backpack

Here’s Minori, a friendly Japanese girl we met in Harajuku. When we spoke to Minori, she told us she’s a singer and idol.

Her black-and-white outfit includes a dress from Milk and a long velveteen hoodie from Milk Boy. She’s also wearing a beret with pom pom from Jane Marple, a fringed knit scarf and white tights. Minori bought her black fur-trimmed boots in Koenji and her piano-key purse is from Gaijin. She’s also wearing a stuffed teddy bear backpack.

We asked Minori about her favorite sources for fashion and her answer was Keisuke Kanda, Jane Marple, The Virgin Mary, Gaijin and other used/resale shops. If you’d like to know more about Minori’s idol career, or if you’d like to see more pictures of her fashion, check her official blog. She has also posted a music video on MySpace.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    The third and fifth pics aren’t loading all the way on the iPhone. I love her piano bag It’s so cute. And this girl knows how to dress for the weather .