Moco in Harajuku w/ Super Cute Strawberry-themed Style + My Melody

Here’s Moco, a well-known Japanese fashion blogger and someone whose style is always ultra cute. We’re always really happy when we run into Moco around Harajuku!

Moco’s strawberry-themed outfit features a cardigan from RF (Rosy Future) over a cute strawberry-print top the she picked up resale, a pannier/skirt from ManiaQ, striped over-the-knee socks, and red platform shoes from Metamorphose. Accessories include red glasses, pink lace hair ribbons, an Angelic Pretty bow necklace, another cute pink necklace, cute pink & red bracelets, and a My Melody handbag. Moco’s pink-tinted twintail hairstyle also adds to the strawberry theme of the look.

If you’d like to know more about Moco, and see more of her unique cute looks, check out her official blog.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. I adore her style. CUTE and unique, she is special. I wonder what kind of person she is… :)

  2. So adorably cute!!! :D
    Anyone know where her compact is from? I want one I can wear, and not feel guilty doing so~

  3. Mew mew, she is soooooo kawaii! I love her unique style and its really refreshing to see someone like her! ?(*

  4. Kristina Bee

    This is exactly why I would love Tokyo. I can’t get away with this amazing style in the states. Beautiful

  5. I love her eyes, and she looks very pretty and cute…

  6. My all time favorite street snap! She’s soo cute~~! Love everything! XD

  7. lylyn lily

    i love strawberry………….really kawaii…………..(“,)