Moco’s Kawaii Pink Angelic Pretty Style at Harajuku Station

Here’s someone who fans of cute Harajuku fashion will recognize right away – it’s Moco! Moco is a Japanese fashion designer (profile of her brands Strawberry Planet/Mello here) whose kawaii personal style has been featured in Kera Magazine a lot recently. This time, we ran into Moco at Harajuku Station at night.

Moco is wearing a super-kawaii pink outfit that features a pink jacket with heart pockets over a pretty pink dress from Angelic Pretty, striped Angelic Pretty knee-high socks (with bows), and pink platform lolita bow shoes. Accessories include multiple cute hair bows and an Angelic Pretty bow purse.

If you’re a fan of kawaii Harajuku fashion, you should definitely follow Moco on Twitter and her personal blog!

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  1. Mikiyayachan

    Awww, kawaii!!!
    I want to live in harajuku>33

  2. Love this girl & her style so very much! ^^ <3 Xx

  3. So cute!!! What brand are her shoes or where can I get some like them? ^-^