Monochrome Harajuku Looks w/ N.Hoolywood, Toga, Nadia & Beams

Mikusama and Yuui are two 19-year-old students we met in Harajuku. They were both wearing black and white, with a few color accents (Yuui’s hair is orange and his socks are blue!).

Mikusama is wearing Zara jeans with a sweater and bomber jacket from Toga. Her backpack is WEGO and her platforms are Nadia. She told us that she likes shopping at Zara, Toga and Dog Harajuku. Find out more about her from her Twitter.

Yuui is a beauty school student, and he’s also active on Twitter. He is wearing GU jeans with a turtleneck and grid print blazer from Beams. His sleeveless coat is from N. Hoolywood. His backpack and brogues were resales, and he told us his favorite brand is the Japanese legend Comme des Garcons. When it comes to music, he likes Flumpool.

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