Monomania & Romantic Standard + Blonde Bob

This is Nishimura, a 24-year-old designer who we photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a black and white checked coat from Monomania over a long white jacket and black dress. She has two-tone tights, red socks and some cool resale black boots with red laces.

Her black bag from Romantic Standard has an unusual cross body strap made from black leather gloves. A white fur tail hangs from the strap. Her accessories from Monomania include a small light bulb on a chain. She’s also wearing large trendy glasses.

Nishimura’s favorite label is Monomania. She likes Korean pop and the Japanese band Plastic Tree (thanks Mura for the correction!).
Monomania coat & Romantic Standard purse

Large glasses & purse strap made of gloves

Monomania coat, white jacket & black dress

Black & white stockings with resale boots

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  1. her outfit is incredible– but plastic tree isn’t kpop, just saying.

  2. very nice style :D
    i like it a lot! it has multiple layers, different fabrics..
    and the bag is really nice.
    her hair is so neat…..:o

  3. A fellow plastic fan! And an awesome one at that :)
    I love Monomania, too bad their items are tough for me to get D:

  4. ★I really like this look. :) I am happy to know that she’s a Plastic Tree fan. ♪

  5. a great outfit match…i love the bag that she wear and would love to have one^^ to bad theres no Romantic label here..T.T and i specially love how she match the coat with the 2 tone tights^^

  6. I wish I could wear doc’s with red laces and not look like a gang member.

  7. I love her layering and matchy colors!
    AND HER HAIR OH GOSH I think I know what hair style I want now.

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