Monomania Two-Tone Pants, Prada & Chrome Hearts in Harajuku

Yuto is a 19-year-old hotel bellboy we met in Harajuku. His silver-backed skinny pants caught our eye.

Yuto’s checkered shirt is from H&M, and he paired it with Monomania skinny pants, featuring a tan front and silver back. His shoes are Prada, and his accessories – some of which are from Chrome Hearts and some bought on Takeshita Dori – include a necklace, bracelets, rings and a Rado watch. He is also carrying a clutch.

Yuto told us that Seiko and Chrome Hearts are his favorite brands, and that he likes listening to Uverworld and Siam Shade. You can also find him on Twitter.

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  1. deathbyglitter

    Genius, epic, amazing… I feel like these words just aren’t good enough. There are so many things here that normally wouldn’t work but everything, literally everything, is working on a whole other level of brilliant. I am in love with this look!

    Those pants!!! The pairing of tan and silver, they balance each other in a really unique way. The fit is perfect. They’re epic. His pebbled leather clutch is really cool. The way he’s holding it so naturally and the way it’s open give make it work even more.

    His jewelry! The large chains mixed with bold beads, love! Love his rings! I really love how he paired mostly silver jewelry on the right side and gold on the left. I’ve gotten into “mixing metals” in the last couple years so I really love this detail! :) (How many times have I said “I love…” so far? I’ll probably say it again, a lot…, lol!) I love the delicate curves of his necklace and the length is perfect!

    I love the beautiful emerald green band of his watch, the little slivers of bright yellow socks showing, the vibrant blue gingham…the colors are wonderful. The bold pants stand out first, but then there is so much more to love about this look. Love everything! Really inspiring! ❤

  2. Classic, yet full of these stylish, fun, little surprises! I have that chain (with the original, scroll-like pendant)… a great hand-me-down from an earlier decade. This look is a solid “Favorite!”