Mr. Gentleman Cable Knit, Zucca, Gucci & Prada in Harajuku

We met these two beauticians in Harajuku, and stopped them for a few snaps. We found out they’re both 21, and their names are Ken and Nao.

Ken is wearing a knitted sweater with plaid sleeves from the Japanese streetwear brand Mr. Gentleman. His skinny jeans are Uniqlo, his backpack is Zucca and his sneakers are Nike. He is also wearing a cartoon print shirt with a bandana, glasses, an earrings, and purple socks. Ken told us Zucca is his favorite brand and that he likes listening to Perfume.

Nao is wearing a velvet top from the Tokyo resale shop Santa Monica with g.u. pants. Her bamboo handle backpack is Gucci and her patent shoes are Prada. She accessorized with a simple, gold necklace. Nao told us Prada is her favorite brand and that she’s into Kegawa No Maries when it comes to music.

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