MTV Dubs Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PONPONPON “One of the Craziest Videos Ever!”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu continues her unstoppable planetary takeover as her new music video is dubbed “one of the craziest videos ever!” by MTV USA! Harajuku’s beloved face-making fashion blogger, model, and singer has exploded in popularity since the release of her debut single “PONPONPON” – and its candy-sweet music video – late last month.

Kyary is currently holding two of the top five spots on the iTunes Japan Electro charts. Her video just blasted past 1,000,000 views on YouTube. A large billboard outside of Spinns Harajuku features Kyary’s face watching over the neighborhood from above. She recently performed PONPONPON live in Tokyo for an adoring audience. PONPONPON has been heard on clubs and radio stations in Europe and America. Four out of every five images posted on Tumblr in the last week featured Kyary (not really, it just seems that way). With Kyary Fever sweeping the world, it was only a matter of time before MTV took notice.

The new episode of MTV’s show “Bigger than the Buzz” spends over a minute marveling over the relative craziness of the “PONPONPON” video. Tamar Anitai of MTV Buzzworthy dubs it “one of the craziest videos ever!” Co-host and MTV News senior music writer James Montgomery wonders if Kyary’s goal was to make “the craziest video of all time”. Those are huge compliments coming from MTV! It’s a shame they don’t play the entire PONPONPON video in the show, but at least MTV has taken notice of Kyary and the incredibly original artwork in the video – much of it created by Sebastian from 6%DOKIDOKI.

Here’s the Kyary episode of MTV’s “Bigger than the Buzz”:


And here is the full PONPONPON music video for those of you that can’t get enough:


Kyary TV

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu PONPONPON iTunes

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x Spinns Harajuku

For more information on the MTV show “Bigger than the Buzz”, check out the official MTV website.

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  1. That “Bigger than Buzz” video makes me really really…. REALLY glad that I don’t watch Mtv… I really dislike how they demote people and put them down… Calling Trishii a popstar with air quotes. And making fun of Kyary. Personally I think the video makes sense if you know what she’s saying. But of course… “pop star” Mtv is run by “popular” Americans that apparently have to act like high schoolers. I mean.. that’s how they don’t look a day over 30 right? Because they act like spoiled children? Also.. I like how 30 years ago takes them all the way back to the 1920’s with silent films. Because, you know, the 80’s were JUST like the 20’s. Apparently they also failed high school. Explains it all.

  2. JamJammieJam

    It is unavoidable though. Americans typically, though not always, dismiss things they don’t understand as “weird” and “crazy”. And while there is a degree of wacky in her video that isn’t all that is going on there. Reguardless I’m happy to see the growing popularity because hopefully if the music gets popular the fashion will be easier for me to get my hands on. ;3

  3. To the above, your stereotyping of Americans is just as bad as an American dismissing something as “weird”

    Not every American just dismisses JPop as weird, or strange. What you are dealing with is an MTV show aimed in the face of anti-intellectuals and moronic High School students. Before you go and judge an entire country of people based on one television show, you might want to do a little self examination. The USA is not the country most people view it as, that is a product of YOUR media. Every time a non American opens their mouths to bash the USA they end up looking like an uneducated fool.

    In any case, your jealously is showing again, rest of the world.

  4. ^IA. lol weeaboos, most of you are probably american, too.

    i mean, i do agree that america often does the whole “japanese stuff is so zany!!!” shit, which is really annoying as well as problematic, but in this case, it kinda makes due… kyary IS wacky and silly. what’s wrong with saying that? also, they are tv presenters, they have to be somewhat personable, which involves making really bad jokes. SHRUGZ.

  5. Have those people ever seen a video from Tool..? Cause THAT is weird shit.. I always get so distracted, I don’t even remember how the songs go!

  6. “Personally I think the video makes sense if you know what she’s saying.”
    ahahaha no way, I showed it to one of my Japanese friends and he agrees it’s nonsensical, which is pretty much the charm of the video. I mean, look at when her head turns to a blob or when she’s barfing crows, there’s no way on earth you could connect any of that to the lyrics.
    need more?
    farting rainbows, hat made of cheese, melting eye dripping down the window, internal organs floating everywhere, stripy ducks with crowns made of bullets, dancing lunchladies with raspberries for faces, clapping eyeball toast, skulls firing lasers, moustaches and catching apples on swords
    that’s a pretty short list of all the stuff in this video that stands out as being quirky and strange, when the lyrics are kinda simple and don’t really hint at any of this being there
    but yeah, every time more people internationally find out about Kyary, is a good thing.
    Linda out.