Mustard Coat & Jungle Pants

This cool guy with a gray flannel cap is Yuhi, a 19-year-old student. He’s wearing a mustard colored hooded coat with toggle closures and jungle-print pants. Both pieces are from Business As Usual, which is also where his he got his white shoes. His JanSport backpack is from Mesen-Tip, a resale shop.

Yuhi’s told us his favorite fashion venues are Mesen-Tip and Business As Usual. He likes the music of Exile.
Mustard Coat & Jungle Pants

Hooded coat with toggles

JanSport backpack from Mesen-Tip

Business As Usual jungle print pants & white shoes

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  1. Looks very yellow and stands out, so …. awesome! :)
    I swear, I think I saw a coat just like that one at G-star! … yellow too! :O

  2. It was à big sweater at g-star. Handmade. I love it and I absolutely love This look and his attitude. I am into yellow on guys! I don’t know why. It just looks cool.