Last week we launched our “My Kawaii Style” makeup and beauty tutorials series. Now we’re back with a new episode! In this week’s “My Kawaii Style”, Japanese model and designer Haruka Kurebayashi shows us how she adds kawaii whimsy to her look by decorating her eyes with glitter stars.

The reaction to the first episode of “My Kawaii Style” (“Eye Makeup Like Sweets“) was amazing! Kurebayashi – along with each of us here at – was so happy with all of the nice comments and support. We really appreciate every bit of feedback, and we hope that you’ll continue to make comments and let us know how we can improve future episodes. Please subscribe to our channel, and let us know what you think directly on YouTube. Thank you again, and enjoy the new episode!

My Kawaii Style – Glitter Stars Eye Makeup Tutorial

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A big thank-you to Haruka Kurebayashi for collaborating with us on this project. You can find Kurebayashi online at her official Twitter or Facebook Page!

Enjoy the videos!


  1. Can u give me a Tokyofashion make over, that would be awesome for me. And I would love to have a Tokyo fashion outfit. That would be awesome for me as well. And I wish I go to Tokyo Japan, to go shopping in Tokyo Japan. And maybe if I could have my friends a Tokyo Japan make over too. That would be awesome for my friends.

  2. Wow, this tutorial was amazing. It’s all well and good to admire these looks but it’s even better to see how we can try it too. We need more posts like this please~

  3. deathbyglitter

    Love it!!!!!!! So simple to do, yet it creates a super pretty super cute look! :D I have lots of glitter shapes too – hearts, stars, clouds…I can’t wait to try this! This series is so fun! More please! :D

  4. What a cute girl! The tutorials are short but handy, I hope to see more of her :D