Nadia Fan in Kinji & Sango

Here’s a cute 16-year-old high school student with a trendy hairstyle. Her raglan-sleeved graphic t-shirt is from the Kinji resale store. She’s also wearing a short black knit skirt. Her tan suede hiking boots with red laces are from Sango and she has a gray JanSport backpack.

We asked what her favorite fashion brand is and she said Nadia. Her accessories, which include an earring that looks like it’s made from real cherries, are from Nadia.
Nadia Fan in Kinji & Sango

Kisser raglan t-shirt from Kinji

Cherry earring from Nadia

Gray JanSport backpack

Sango suede hiking boots

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  1. oohhh, I love her whole outfit! It’s super cool! and I really, really want those earrings!! :D

  2. Not bad. Love the cherry ear rings and the shirt…

  3. cute earring but isn’t for mobile hanger ??

    I love the girl so cute

  4. anonymous

    Wow, even the girl behind her in the first pic has style! I’m in love with this.