Nadia Harajuku Staffers w/ Violet Hair, Creepers, G.V.G.V., & Alice Black

Yu-chin and Hikari both work at the popular Harajuku boutique Nadia Flores en el Corazon. We met them on the street in Harajuku during their lunch break and loved what they were wearing.

Yu-chin is 24 and she’s originally from Taiwan. She’s the one with pastel hair, to the left. She is wearing a black Nadia turtleneck with an animal print skirt from G.V.G.V. and a Cheap Monday faux-fur coat. She is wearing cat-eye make-up, and her hair is shorter around one ear, showing off her piercings. She showed us that she was wearing two rock rings and a few metal and leather bracelets. Her ankle boots were bought from Topshop. Yu-chin told us that her favorite place to shop is G.V.G.V. and that she can be found on Twitter. Here is how she looked last year.

Hikari is 22 and she has violet braided hair with a headscarf. We’ve snapped her before in 2011. She is wearing a white and blue sweater printed with Egyptian crosses, denim cutoffs, and a bomber jacket which was a resale item at Nadia. She has lots of piercings, too, as well as earrings, a choker necklace, rings and nail art. Her tall platform creepers are from Nadia, and she told us her accessories are Alice Black. Her favorite store is, of course, Nadia, and you can find her on Twitter as well.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    Both of them look really cute. I especially like the leopard skirt and the door knocker rings.

  2. Wow, they’re both so adorable. Love to see the evolution of style. :)

  3. Hirari is wearing Alice Black S/S Collection ring which came out not too long ago. It’s amazing how easily they can get the newest stuff cause I really like the new collection!

  4. I love Yu-Chin’s style!..It’s like she managed to preserved her personality / Identy with that Harajuku twist..well, this is a personal opinion based on the vibe i got from her :)