Nike x Milk Fed vs. Fuzzy Slippers

We photographed this cool couple in Harajuku. The cute girl on the left with long pigtails is wearing a lingerie-style top from Uniqlo with a white sweater and a short striped ruffled skirt. She’s carrying a Badtz-Maru bag with a mischievous penguin logo.

She’s also wearing ankle socks with updated cheetah-print Mary Jane shoes from Nike x Milk Fed. Her favorite brands are Desperate and MXE.

Her friend on the right is Odagiri, a staff member at the Kuro Benz vintage shop. He’s wearing a black Uniqlo sweatshirt and carrying a spiked bag from Kuro Benz. He has some cool wire rim glasses and is also wearing some fuzzy slippers made from scraps of yarn and fur.
Cool couple in Harajuku show individual taste in shoes.

Uniqlo lingerie-style top

Badtz-Maru bag

Nike x Milk Fed shoes with ankle socks

Kuro Benz vintage bag

Yarn fuzzy slippers

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  1. omg, this girl is wearing one of the cutest outfit ever!! Especially love her pigtails and looove her Keroro charm! \^o^/ <3<3<3 Her skirt is so candy sweet!! xxx

  2. This hairstyle is great, with the red colour below! Love it!

    This man has nice shoes! °_°

  3. omg the guy looks so awsome, he looks like he came out of an anime or something *_* the girl is just CUTE kekeke^^ in love wiz both of their styles<3

  4. They are the most adorable couple eva ^^ luv what they are wearing