Ninita Brand Popup Shop at LaForet Harajuku

Starting this Friday (09/25), the Japanese fashion brand Ninita will have a limited-time popup shop at the entrance of LaForet Harajuku. Ninita is a brand based around cute and pretty casual clothes for Japanese girls. The brand was started by the Japanese stylist/designer Tomoyo Nishiwaki.

Ninita Japanese Fashion Brand

The popup shop at LaForet Harajuku will feature selections from the Ninita Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection, an exhibition of original illustrations by Nishiwaki, and limited edition items available for sale only at this shop. Two of the special items for the shop will be a pair of dress-up dolls with outfits created by Tomoyo Nishiwaki herself. The dolls – named Odeko-chan & Nikki – are, of course, wearing Ninita brand fashion.

Cat Head & Girl Doll

As you can see, one of the dolls – Nikki-chan – has a cat head (with a pierced ear) and is wearing plaid pants. How cute is that? Apparently, these dolls were originally created by a Japanese doll designer named Namie Manabe, and they are very popular with young Japanese girls. Besides the dolls themselves, there will be a limited edition tote bag with images of Odekochan & Nikki. The first 30 customers to purchase a set of both dolls will take home a free tote bag.

Odekochan & Nikki Tote Bag

Other special Odekochan & Nikki items include a book and keychains featuring the pair. The Ninita A/W 09/10 collection, a few pictures of which are shown below, will be available for viewing as well as for purchase.

Cute Ninita Illustration

Ninita Clothing 2009

Ninita Japanese Fashion

Ninita Plaid Pants

Ninita LaForet Popup Shop:

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