Odango Shushu, Leather Corset & Spinns Skeleton Tights

This cute girl with auburn hair styled with bangs and twin odango buns is Nana, a 17-year old student and a fan of fashion from used and resale shops. She’s wearing a blue Tony the Tiger t-shirt from Kinjii and a bold blue-and-white full skirt from Chicago (a Tokyo shop that is among her favorites). A wide black leather corset belt and skeleton stockings from Spinns give her outfit an edgy appeal.

Nana’s white platform shoes are from Body Line (this style has been very popular with both girls and guys this summer). Accessories from G2? and other shops include goggles around her neck, a button on her belt, a spiked bracelet and gingham shushu (scrunchies) around the odango buns in her hair. Her fabric tote bag with embroidered yarn characters is a remake.
Leather Corset & Spinns Skeleton Tights

Tony the Tiger t-shirt

Odango with Gingham Shushu

Remade tote bag w/ yarn characters

Spiked bracelet & goggles

Spinns skeleton tights & Body Line shoes

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  1. i adore her hair!! and that outfits pretty neat :D

  2. I love her hair ^_^ and the outfit is cute also but I mostly like the corset this and the HAIR!!!!

  3. love the tights!! its the 2nd girl i see wearing them (^_^) I realllllly want a pair :D

  4. tony the tiger! here, in mexico, is called ‘el tigre toño’ and he’s the pet of a famous corn flakes. i love the creepers and the tights :)

  5. I really like her hair accessories and her t-shirt. I just purchased a vintage tony t-shirt. Love it.