Ombre Hair, Candy Stripper x Snoopy, Milk & Milklim in Harajuku

Here’s a friendly girl named Moko with pretty pink-orange ombre hair who we met near the KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku. She’s wearing items from several of Harajuku’s most famous kawaii brands. You might remember Moko from the street snaps we shot of her last summer.

Moko’s outfit features a knit sweater with wings on the back over a cute striped dress with ribbon and lace detail, Milklim teddy bear tattoo tights, ruffle socks, and pink Tokyo Bopper platforms. Accessories include a studded collar, a skeleton hands necklace, a purple cross necklace, a pink spike bracelet, a Nile Perch badge, various cute rings, a heart bag from Milk, and a Candy Stripper x Snoopy tote bag.

Moko’s favorite brand is Harajuku’s own Candy Stripper and she’s into visual kei bands including SuG and Sid. If you’d like to know more about her, you can check out her Twitter.

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  1. Love how she used the skeleton hand necklace! Haven’t seen that in a while.. but she makes it look so refreshing. :)