One Piece Nail Art & Cute Japanese Girls in Shibuya

We photographed these two cute Japanese girls near Shibuya Station in Tokyo. They are both wearing outfits that came mostly from the Japanese brand Co&Lu with some items possibly from the related brand CoCoLuLu by Co&Lu. The outfits consist of a stadium jacket, colorful sweaters, t-shirts, belts, jeans, sneakers, jewelry, bags, and – on one girl – a cap.

Even more eye-catching than the girls’ fashion is their nail art. One of the two has nail art featuring Tony Tony Chopper from the Japanese manga One Piece. The other girl wears nail art with lots of cute decora items like cupcakes and tiny cute characters. If you look at the three pictures at the bottom of the article, you can see closeups of the nail art of both girls.

Cute Co&Lu Shibuya Girls

Cute Blonde Shibuya Girls

Japanese Girls With Cool Nail Art

Co&Lu or CoCoLuLu Fashion in Shibuya

Click any of the above photos to enlarge them. The pictures below – showing closeups of these girls’ nail art – are already zoomed in.

Japanese One Piece Nail Art

One Piece Nail Art

Shibuya Decora Nail Art

We appreciate these girls sharing their cute nail art with us!

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  1. Both of their outfits are insanely cute.
    I think the Girl on the rights nails are a bit much O_O Looks nice though.

  2. i love their outfit and each details in it
    love the gyaru style as well

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  4. The girl on the left is ok. A bit too bright but not to the point that it’s gaudy. However, the girl on the right…no. Her top has too many colors making it gaudy, her nails are far too over the top (2 or 3 nails with that sure, but not all) and the over sized colorful beads are too much, one necklace or the other please.

  5. Looking at this makes me want candy!
    The clothes and personality is sooo developed.
    Makes me stagger at what they wear as pj’s to bed.
    It must take hours to pick out what they are going out in.

  6. this is super ultra cuuuute! the nails! i love the nails!

  7. Laurentdechiba

    Would be nice if you don’t user other people pictures…or at least name the photographer or original source………………………….

  8. tokyo

    Laurentdechiba – We never use other people’s pictures. Take a look at the photos – both girls are holding business cards! These are photos that we took. If someone else is claiming credit for them, please let us know!