Onna, Syrup & Cult Party

This cute girl with a large topknot in her hair is Aibon, a 24-year-old bartender. Her romantic outfit includes a variety of handmade items. Her cotton top from Onna is worn with a collar made from patchwork pieces known as yoyos. Her gauzy chiffon skirt is from Syrup.

Aibon’s rustic-looking leather shoes were borrowed from her mother. Her accessories include rings from Q-Pot and Tsumori Chisato and a necklace from Cult Party with a pendant that consists of a straw wreath decorated with a bow, doll’s hair, silk flowers, yarn, lace and beads. She’s also wearing a beaded bracelet, a large watch and a hair decoration made from flowers, lace and yarn. Her fabric bag is from Syrup

When we asked Aibon about her favorite fashion sources the answer was The Virgin Mary and Meno. Her favorite music is by Maximum the Hormone.
Onno cotton top with Syrup chiffon skirt

Collar made from patchwork yoyos

Hair decoration made from flowers, lace & yarn

Handmade Cult Party necklace with flowers, lace & bow

Rings from Q-Pot and Tsumori Chisato

Fabric Syrup bag with Coco doll

Leather shoes with ruffle cuffs

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  1. Cult party kei is my favorite style ♥ So cute and feminine, easily wearable even in Europe (no one really stares rudely in the streets, at least, a lot less than when i’m wearing something fairy-kei like), i LOVE it!!! But those who pull it off the best are Japanese girls of course ^^ She’s plain adorable ♥

  2. looooove her hair!!!! Sooo cute!!! and I would buy that headband in a heartbeat!

  3. Those rings are delicious – I’m so in love with her look!

  4. i’m liking her accessories on her hands and he bag! the necklace is kinda oddly huge though ^ ^; nice shoes too~