Pair Look Japanese Girls in Harajuku

We met these two cute girls in Harajuku. They told us they had come to Tokyo for some shopping. They are wearing what the Japanese call “Pair Look” – it means that two friends intentionally match their outfits when they go out together. If you look up and down the outfits these girls are wearing, it’s hard to find any differences. They are both wearing identical black sweaters over long shirts with text on them, matching cutoff denim shorts, black leggings, and sandals. Besides that, their necklaces, anklets, gray and pink backpacks – and even their disposable umbrellas – all match.

Harajuku Pair Look Girls

Japanese Girls in Cute Outfits

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  1. Had never heard of this “Pair Look”. Very interesting. Kind of similar to twins dressing alike. Personally, I don`t think I`d dress up exactly like my best buddy and hit the streets together, but this cute duo pull it off nicely. By the way, I especially love the shot from the back. Great picture quality, too.

  2. i used to do like that with my bestfriend.. but it was like when we were in 2nd grade…but it was fun