Pan-dr-a Singer in Harajuku w/ All Black Fashion & Queen Bee Boots

We spotted Toshiki, the lead singer of the Japanese visual kei band Pan-d-ra, in Harajuku recently and his androgynous look stood out. You might remember, we have snapped him previously.

Toshiki is wearing all black, with a drop shoulder top and a draped vest over it, as well as a corset and skinny pants, both from Morgan. He accessorized his long hair with a feather embellished hat and rectangular glasses. His pointy toe buckled shoes were a purchase from Queen Bee.

We asked Toshiki about his favorite brands, and he told us that he likes Yohji Yamamoto, alice auaa and 5351. As for music, he’s into rock/metal bands like Hibria, Rhapsody, Buck-tick and Dead End. Find out more about him and the band at, their official site.

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  1. Cindy Permata

    aww… i love this one much moree… soo sexy…kekekeke XD

  2. Cherise Kirkland

    This is freaking hot, dig the androgynous look!