Panama Boy Poncho & Care Bears Lunch Box

This cute Japanese girl with long hair is 19-year-old Miho. Her pastel crochet poncho is from Panama Boy, one of Harajuku’s more popular used clothing stores. Her pink cotton skirt is from Chicago, another top resale shop. Her accessories include headphones decorated with big yarm pompoms and a doll’s head from Crazy Castle. She’s carrying a Care Bears lunch box and a panda head purse.

Miho’s accessories include a Jack Skellington ring, a bow ring and a silver wristband. She’s wearing white print tights, pink leg warmers and lavender shoes with purple print laces from Swimmer.

We asked Miho about her favorites and she said she likes designer Vivienne Westwood and The Virgin Mary resale shop. Her favorite music is by L’arc en Ciel.
Panama Boy Poncho & Care Bears Lunch Box

Crochet poncho from Panama Boy

Handmade headphones with dolls head

Care Bears lunch box & panda purse

Jack Skellington ring & bow ring

Print tights, leg warmers & Swimmer shoes

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  1. Wow, Care Bear lunchbox = nostalgia trip!
    I do love the super cute pastel with just a teeeensy touch of “darkness” there with the studs and Jack. ;)
    (Those shoelaces are fab too!)

  2. Putting such outfits together is an art!!
    I don’t know how they do it!

  3. She likes heads. Panda head, Jack ring head, Barbie head…
    So cute colors for winter n_n

  4. wow.. she’s soso cute!!
    i’m going to bake a care bear cake!!
    peas follow my blog to see the cake soon.

  5. Super-hyper cute wearables!

    I never want to die.

  6. Oh i love this outfit, except for the barbieheads.. they look a bit scary to me…

  7. wtfDollie

    i kinda dont like doll head wth? is it stylish broken toys? =.=?
    love outfit but that head ruins the cuteness . .

  8. Cute and Creapy at the same time! which is always an awesome combo! ^^ i really wanna knit that poncho….

  9. I love the Jack Skellington ring..

    Can anyone tell me whats up with the mutilated barbies on clothing these days?

  10. Gabriela sauma

    she is adorable and the barbie is a seek element love it ¡¡¡¡¡