Pastel Harajuku Street Fashion w/ Happy Birthday To You, Creamy Ice, Grimoire Almadel, Kiki, Swimmer, Dream Land, Polly Pocket & Junk Show

In Harajuku we met Rumy and Sumomo, both Japanese creators wearing pastel street fashion. Let’s take a closer look:

At the left, Sumomo is wearing a mint jacket and pink pants, both of which are from Happy Birthday To You, platform creepers from 2nd Street, an ice cream bag from Creamy Ice, and a pink cap. His favorite brand is Happy Birthday To You and he listens to Disney songs and the music of Ringo Shiina. Follow Sumomo on Instagram.

Rumy is sporting a pink pastel style which consists of a floral print sweater from Kiki under a Grimoire Almadel dress, pink bow sneakers from Puma, and a tan bow sling bag from Swimmer. Her accessories include a Dream Land straw hat, pink hair bows, a Polly Pockets heart necklace, and a Junk Show brooch. Rumy’s favorite brands are Happy Birthday To You and resale shops with vintage items. Her favorite music artist/bands are Tommy February6, Yasutaka Nakata, old Hollywood movie soundtracks and Disney songs. Follow Rumy on Instagram.

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