Phenomenon “NOSTALGIA” Collection 2012-13 A/W

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On Friday, March 23rd, Japanese label Phenomenon showcased their 2012 Autumn/Winter collection on the runway at Tokyo Midtown.

Phenomenon was founded in 2004 by Takeshi Osumi (aka BIG-O). He dubs the brand’s concept as “music”. The label is extremely popular among young Japanese men who are into streetwear. The clothes have a strong urban and American hip-hop influence with a Tokyo street sensibility and a Japanese attitude toward high quality manufacturing.

The Phenomenon 2012-13 A/W “NOSTALGIA” collection was one of our favorite collections of Tokyo Fashion Week #13. Phenomenon built a strong reputation as a Japanese streetwear brand, along with the likes of Swagger, Neighborhood, and (dare we mention) Bape. But the last few seasons have seen Takeshi Osumi veer off in a different direction than his Harajuku contemporaries. While Phenomenon hasn’t abandoned the influences of the “streetwear” label that initially made him popular, the brand seems intent on progressing beyond genre expectations.

The Phenomenon “NOSTALGIA” collection mixed elements of “Trad”, Japanese streetwear (the thick knit leggings were fantastic), and creative material choices in a way that made the whole collection look new and fresh. The specific pieces, as well as the overall looks, showed extreme attention to detail (sometimes reminding us of Comme des Garcons). Even the casting was top notch – with the models looking like they belonged in the outfits.

The Phenomenon show was the official finale of this Tokyo Fashion Week (even though there are several off-schedule shows throughout the weekend), and expectations were obviously high. Judging by the response from those in the audience, it’s clear that the brand’s upward trajectory will continue for at least another season. We’re already looking forward to seeing what they’ll come up with for S/S 2013.

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Phenomenon 2012-13 Autumn/Winter

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