Amu’s colorful hairstyle caught our eye in Harajuku: she has braided tails in pink, blue, and brown. She is also wearing black, round glasses and a straw hat. We found out that she’s 19 and she’s a student.

Amu’s striped dress is from a resale shop, and she paired it with ruffle socks, black sneakers from Uniqlo, and a resale crossbody bag. Her cross choker is from Spinns, one of her favorite shops, alongside Nadia. We also noticed she had a panda plushie hung to her bag.

She told us her favorite music is Vocaloid, and she gave us her Twitter handle to look up.

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  1. Yellow striped dress is perfect harmony with the cross necklace and round glasses
    Very pretty
    Vocaloid is great as music ^o^