Pink-Blue Braids, Smurfs, 6%DOKIDOKI & Clear Clutch in Harajuku

Here’s Elleanor! Elleanor is an English-speaking student who works at one of Harajuku’s most popular resale shops. We see her often around Harajuku and she’s always super nice. She posts daily pictures from Harajuku on Twitter and Instagram.

Elleanor is wearing a light purple jacket over a Disney top, a white skirt over purple gingham pants, and Tokyo Bopper shoes. Accessories include a flower choker, a headband, a large heart bracelet, a clear clutch (with Smurfs inside) and a 6%DOKIDOKI “colorful rebellion” tote bag. Elleanor’s cute pink-blue braids hairstyle also adds kawaii-ness to the look.

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  1. I just love her hair and all her accessories! She knows how to style her short hair and the color is adorable! Her clear clutch just makes me want one more v_v