Pink Coat & Denim w/ Wings Hair Clip, Platform Boots & Retro Watch

Sacura and Ruca are two friendly girls whose mostly pastel looks caught our eye when we saw them in Harajuku.

Sacura is pictured to the left, with bangs. She is 19 and she’s a student. She is wearing a cartoon print dress and matching bag, which she got from LoveRevo (Love RevoLution). On top, she has a pastel pink coat and a plaid scarf. She accessorized with a cute wings hair pin, earrings, cloud nail art and platform ankle boots. She told us she likes handmade fashion, and that she’s a fan of idol music. You can find her on Twitter for more information.

Ruca is 18 and she goes to specialty school. She is wearing a resale denim jacket over a camouflage print shirt from Logic and a resale skirt. Her bag is from WEGO and her animal print flats are Logic. Her accessories – some of which are from WEGO – include earrings, studded and heart bracelets, rings, and a vintage Citizen watch. She told us Big Bang is her favorite band.

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  1. That wings hair accessory on Sacura, where did she get them? Its sooooooo CUTE!!!!! ><