Pink-Haired Harajuku Girl w/ Leather Jacket & New Rock Boots

Here’s Lisa, a friendly 17-year-old Japanese high school student who we’ve photographed several times before in Harajuku and Shibuya. Lisa is always easy for us to spot because of her bright pink hair. Besides being into fashion, Lisa also plays guitar. When we ran into her in Harajuku this time, she was carrying her guitar on her back.

Lisa is wearing a studded black leather jacket over a red and black top, a long black skirt, black tights, and spiked punk-style platform boots from New Rock. Her accessories include a choker, a razor blade necklace, a cross necklace, a studded belt, a spider ring, a skull ring, a skeleton ring, and a black studded purse with the number “13” written in safety pins on it.

Lisa’s favorite shop/brand is Lemoned. Her favorite bands include Wednesday13, Murderdolls, Slipknot and Hide. Since we first met Lisa, we’ve been following her on both Twitter (where she posts in both English and Japanese) and Tumblr (where she posts daily pictures).

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. justwistedjustwisted

    She’s back. This is the third time in less than 3 months.

  2. Koko Yoki

    LEMONED!!!! :D YAY hide! <3 She looks awesome! I know who I'm following on twitter! ^^

  3. i followed her a long time ago, she is so nice! ^^ we have the same haircolor haha

  4. Omggggg, THE BOOTS!<3 killer boots! Fierce boots! I loveee it

  5. Dreaded Queen

    Love seeing Lisa on the come up! I think she is on Hirari’s heels. Love both their styles!

  6. the shoes are super special awesoooooooomeeeeeee!!

  7. Her boots remind me if Vash the Stampede. I love those boot