Pink Hair & Beret w/ San-biki no Koneko, Vivienne Westwood & Dr. Martens

Mizuki is a 19-year-old college student we recently spotted in Harajuku. She has pink bob hair, a beret, and round sunglasses.

Mizuki is wearing a floral sweater from San-biki no Koneko with faux leather shorts and over the knee socks. Her red handbag is Vivienne Westwood and her lace-up boots are Dr. Martens. She is also wearing Vivienne Westwood earrings and rings from Forever21.

Mizuki told us that she likes shopping from Vivienne Westwood and Kinji, and that she likes Disney music. She also gave us her personal Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. J-inspired

    those earrings!! I’ve been wanting them for a long time… This girl is loaded! Top to bottom designer brands. Tokyofashion team, keep doing what you’re doing; you are the source of my inspirations and aspirations.