Pink Hair, Studded Leather Jacket, Knit Dress & Platform Sneakers in Shibuya

Haruka is a friendly Japanese comedian/entertainer who we often see in Harajuku. You might recognize her from Kera Magazine or her appearances on various Nico Nico Douga shows. This time, we ran into Haruka near Shibuya Station.

In addition to her cute pink hairstyle, Haruka is wearing a spiked leather jacket from Glad News over a knit Jouetie dress, fishnet stockings, and Glad News platform sneakers. Accessories include a Candy Stripper beret, large glasses, and a checkered backpack from Spinns (decorated with a Furby and several badges).

Haruka told us that her favorite brand is Harajuku’s famous fairy kei label Nile Perch. For more info and pictures, follow Haruka on Twitter.

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  1. Cool hair! Love the cuteness the hair and the knit dress made <3

  2. I love her smile in the first pic! I wish more of these beauties would show off their pearly whites.