Pink Kimono & Fox Stole vs. Leopard Pajamas & Hoodie

Here’s a couple that we photographed in Harajuku. The cute blonde girl on the right is Kinoko, a café staff member. She’s wearing a pink kimono and a white fox fur stole. Her shoes are Uggs slippers that she bought used.

Kinoki’s friend is Ryota, a 21-year-old student. His clothing is from resale shops and includes leopard skin pajamas and a blue hoodie. His backpack is from Karrimor and his sneakers are from Converse. The button on his hoodie is from Kakavaka.

We asked the couple about their favorite fashion sources. Kinoko told us that she likes the Menlo vintage store and Barrack Room. Kinoki likes Kakavaka and Itazura. You can find out more about Kinoko on her blog and follow Kinoki on Twitter.

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  1. christina

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! i hate the fox ),: but they look awesome!! <3

  2. Why do so many Japanese have those dead foxes… sad

  3. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who wear pyamas on street… xD And I also love fox scarfs!!

  4. StephanieDenise

    Is this a real dead fox :-?? :O I can’t see this anymore.I really like nearly anything japanese but this is disgusting, despicable and despicable!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The kimono looks amazing, I would so want to wear that. And her hair is so pretty!

  6. The girl has such a sweet face. It’s a shame that the dead fox totally ruins her cute image :(

  7. I love the fox. It’s clearly vintage, and in my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with vintage fur. Would you rather the fox have died and then be eaten by moths in some old ladies closet instead of being used and appreciated? The only thing wrong with fur is the industry, same with meat. You want to complain about wearing something that was dead before you she was born, yet nobody wants to give up their cheese burgers. Get your priorities straight.

  8. I agree with Nikki, sometimes I believe that the animals are found dead and just simply gutted and primped up. I actually think the fox is kind of cute, although I would not wear it. The colors are in harmony on that girl, soft and creamy.

    I also love the boy’s clothing!

    But I must go back to the girl – her face is just pinch-able, and innocent! Like a little angel!

  9. I LOVE the fox stole. It’s probably vintage and she likely rescued it from a pile of musty old stuff and gave it a new life, LOL!

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that the manufacturing process for fake furs is actually a lot worse for the environment… using a real pelt is the more natural way to do it and minimizes pollution:

    JUST SAYIN’. Obviously if you are against wearing fur cause you think it’s cruel, then don’t wear it. But don’t bash others who do enjoy wearing it. It’s not like she went out and slaughtered the fox just for this outfit, like I said, she prolly rescued it from some musty box of crap (makes me wonder if they do estate sales in Japan, lol.) Hoping she gets many years of wear out of this beautiful accessory, another reason why I prefer real fur to the fake stuff…it lasts longer with proper care. ;)

    F yea real fur!! \m/ > .< \m/