Pink Twin Tails, Barbie Nails, Joyrich, Bubbles & Chanel in Shibuya

Koyucha is a 20-year-old shop staff – with a cute pink-yellow twin tails and bangs hairstyle and pastel fashion – who we met at the famous Shibuya Scramble in Tokyo.

Koyucha’s look features a One Spo bomber jacket over a matching Joyrich Playboy bunny top and skirt, and Bubbles Harajuku pastel heart creepers (with pompoms). Accessories include Chanel hair ribbons, a Chanel necklace, pink and purple tattoo necklaces, a silver Chanel bag, and a Bubbles backpack.

Koyucha’s favorite fashion brand is Joyrich and her favorite band is Big Bang. For more info and more cute pictures, check her personal Instagram!

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