Pink Twin Tails Harajuku Street Style w/ FR2 RoboCop T-Shirt, GYDA Cutout Jeans, Hotel New York & Ugg Fuzzy Slippers

Standing out on the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood was Hikaru AKA Hikapu – a popular Japanese model – with pastel pink twin tails.

The FR2 staffer is dressed in a light pink RoboCop print t-shirt from FR2, which she tucked into cutout jeans from GYDA. She cinched her jeans with a brown leather belt, stepped into a pair of hot pink fuzzy Ugg slides and finished off her look with a canvas tote bag from Hotel New York. She embellished her style with accessories such as colorful hair clips, pink hair ties, round eyeglasses, pink oversized hoop earrings, a multi-colored bead necklace, a white watch, a pink furry rabbit chain sling coin purse and a rice topping keychain purse. Some of her accessories are also from FR2.

Japanese streetwear label, FR2, is Hikapu’s fashion favorite. For Hikapu’s social media updates, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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