Pleated Skirts & Plaid from Bubbles Harajuku & Aymmy In The Batty Girls

We met these two cutely styled students in Harajuku and they agreed to pose for us. This is what we found out:

The girl pictured to the left is Risako, and she’s 17. She is wearing a plaid top from Bubbles with a pleated American Apparel skirt, a Rienda bag, and Rezoy oxfords. Her watch is from Angel Heart. Risako’s favorite shops are American Apparel and Topshop, and she’s a Taylor Swift fan.

Nanako is the one pictured to the right, and she’s 16. She’s wearing a off-the-shoulder top from Topshop with a yellow pleated plaid skirt from Bubbles. Her smiley face bag is from Aymmy and her platform loafers are Nadia. Her accessories are from Bubbles and Rap Attack, including a pompom choker, Delicious Vinyl bucket hat, and giraffe hair pin. Nanako’s favorite places to shop are Bubbles and Seto Ayumi’s Aymmy in the batty girls.

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