Plush Shorts, Thigh-High Stockings & Nincompoop Capacity in Harajuku

Here’s a cute red-haired Japanese girl named Nonoku who we ran into on the street in Harajuku. Nonoku is 18 years old.

Her outfit includes a vintage “The Who” band t-shirt from New York Joe over a yellow half-sleeve top, super-cute Dalmation-print plush shorts from the Japanese brand One Spo, thigh-high stockings from Mam Avantgarde, lace-top socks, and pink Dr. Martens Mary Janes. Accessories include a white knit beanie, a cute koala earring, a bindi & choker (a combo most often worn by fans of Bubbles Harajuku), a cross necklace, a wire-and-beads ring, suspenders (with a “You Tube” pin on them), and a clear Nincompoop Capacity bag which she purchased at New York Joe.

Nonoku told us that her favorite Harajuku shop are Nadia and Bubbles. Her favorite musician is Yui.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Such a lovelyyyy outfit~~~ ❤ She’s really cute ! I want her shoes, her black necklace and her shorts ! ! Very nice hair color~