Popular Sperm Show & FFYR Graphics in Harajuku

This cool blonde Japanese guy is dressed head to toe in black and white, with a touch of gray in his wide headband. He’s wearing a black t-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt with an electric print from Popular Sperm Show, a trendy Japanese brand. His black sareuru (drop crotch pants) are from Comme des Garcons. His shoes are Nikes. His eye-catching FFYR backpack features a bold graphic print.

When we asked about his favorite brands he said he likes Phenomenon and FFYR.
Popular Sperm Show & FFYR Graphics in Harajuku

Blonde hair, glasses & Popular Sperm Show shirt

Graphic FFYR backpack

Nikes with sareuru

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  1. Im sorry i just cant get into the drop crotch thing thats going on…. he looks awesome and i love the backpack tho :)