Puma & Grenades Snowboarding Gear

This cool guy is Takuro. He’s wearing an undershirt from American Apparel, a black quilted vest and floral print shorts from Joy Rich. His backpack is from Louis Vuitton. He’s also wearing Puma shoes and red Puma snowboarding gaiters.

Takuro’s eclectic look includes a fur hat, two Coco buttons, Grenades skeleton snowboard gloves and a Nixon watch. His favorite designers and brands are Joy Rich, Louis Vuitton and Ed Hardy. He also told us his favorite music genre is Reggae.
Puma & Grenades Snowboarding Gear

Fur hat, Grenade gloves & Coco buttons

Louis Vuitton backpack

Coco button, Nixon watch & spiked wristband

Puma shoes & snowboard gaiters

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  1. Man!!!
    i’m lovin this style esp with the “love coco”, gloves and assessories, the shoes and EVERYTIN!!!!!…D all SCREAM TITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks like it’d be hard to text with those gloves…I like the top half of that outfit…the rest, ehhh.

  3. damnnnn I LOVE HIS BAG!!! I WANT ONE!! and the hat =D

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