Punk & Gothic x Kimono Fusion Street Style in Harajuku

Here are two colorfully dressed Japanese girls we met near Jingu Bashi in Harajuku. Their detailed outfits and bold hairstyles instantly caught our attention. Even though we were rushing toward Shibuya to take Coming of Age Day kimono pictures, we had to stop and shoot a couple of quick snaps of these amazing girls!

The girls are both wearing elaborate outfits that mix elements of traditional Japanese fashion with modern punk and gothic influences. The girl on the left – the one with the amazing yellow-tipped red hairstyle – is wearing red and black pieces that look traditional, along with a skull-patterned obi and armband, platform boots, and a lip piercing. The girl on the right’s outfit features beautiful cherry blossom patterns as well as silver jewelry and a flower headpiece. When we asked the girls where their unique clothing came from, the girl with red hair told us “tezukuri” (which means “handmade”). We didn’t have time to get too much information from these girls, but hopefully we’ll run into them again soon so we can find out more about their fashion!

Update: One of our followers on Instagram suggested these girls might be wearing fashion inspired by members of the Japanese visual kei band Kiryu.

Click on any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Are you sure that they are girls?
    Their style is awesome,but they look like boys to me

  2. Yes, they are Kiryu’s cosplays, of Mitsuki (guitarist, at left) and Mahiro (vocalist, at right)! ^___^

  3. oh yeah, that’s definitely kiryu, but really nice

  4. I agree… they look like boys to me – and they’re awesome!!

    I have to take notes on these styles…

  5. シヤイラ

    They’re dressed up as Mahiro and Mitsuki from Kiryu!!! :D

  6. *Bows* They look totally awesome.
    & With mostly everything being handmade ? : OOO
    *Bows Once More *

  7. This is very inspiring, really, seeing those girls do all those costumes by themselves, makes me want to do it too haha, The colours and the patterns are really beautiful <3

  8. @kaja-chan “nice Kiryu cosplay” – my thoughts exactly! ^^
    they look cool!

  9. amazing breathtakig? i love how the colors go so well….(:

  10. This is cosplay/crossplay
    there trying to look like guys
    Its pretty common