Punk Hair Falls, Stunning Handmade Pants, Boots & Black Star Bag in Tokyo

This 19-year-old Japanese guy with a very unique look – and an awesome hairstyle – told us that his name is Otimusha when we ran into on the street in Shinjuku. The handmade pants and shoes that he’s wearing absolutely must be seen in person to be appreciated, and they were (not surprisingly) the first thing that caught our attention.

Otimusha is wearing a t-shirt that says “We Are All Prostitutes” (it appears to be by the 1970s punk band The Pop Group) which he bought resale, a leather motorcycle jacket, incredible handmade carved/molded pants (not sure if they’re leather, plastic, PVC or something else), and matching handmade boots. Accessories include black and white cloth hair falls attached with safety pins, a skull earring, a spiked choker, full sized headphones, and a giant black star-shaped bag splattered with red paint which he said was “no brand”.

When we asked him about music, Otimusha said that his favorite genres are punk and metal. If you’d like to know more about him, please check out his Twitter account or personal blog.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. i love this whole look. and his pants and boots are my favorite

  2. tokyo

    Thank you, otimusya, just added your Twitter & blog to the post. Amazing outfit! :-)

  3. Wow! If I saw him late at night in the street I’d be so freakin scaredO.O!

  4. InsultKissMe

    Those are some badass pants & boots! Truly awesome!

  5. Doesn’t he look like someone from the movie avatar “the blue people?” I swear man.

  6. So handsome! So cool! I think that I am fall in love. :DDD
    Amazing man! Really!