Punk-inspired Harajuku Guy w/ Electricity Print, Labret Piercing & Spikes

Shunbo is a 19-year-old beauty school student with a punk-inspired style who instantly catches our attention every time we see him on the street in Harajuku. In addition to style, this guy has attitude/charisma!

Shunbo is wearing a pink and black sleeveless electricity print top with a gold chain, gold harem pants, and spiked flip flops. His cool hairstyle, labret piercing, and gauged ears also add to the overall awesomeness.

For more info on Shunbo – and more pictures – check him out on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. I love his contacts and piercing~ he seems like a super cool guy!!

  2. It’s Nana’s Nobuo!!! Just 10000000x hotter! :D :D Love his expressions, he seems like such a cool guy. The eye contacts suit him so well. Damn cool.

  3. He looks so unique! I love it! He’s also freaking sexy !!