Punk Leather Jacket, Comme Des Garcons & Dr. Martens in Harajuku

Ryo is a 21-year-old guy who we see around Harajuku fairly often – usually wearing a leather jacket that he has customized.

This time, Ryo is wearing a Schott leather jacket he’s patched, painted, and to which he’s added lots of spikes and safety pins over a Boy London t-shirt, Comme Des Garcons plaid sarueru pants, and Dr. Martens boots. Accessories – some of which came from Chrome Hearts, Zana Bayne, and Tenderloin – include a beret, an eyebrow piercing, labret piercing, stretched ears, spiked choker, leather harness, silver rings, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring, and a Z. Vargas shoulder bag.

Ryo’s favorite fashion brands include the Japanese labels Comme Des Garcons and 99%is. His favorite bands include Slipknot, Sim, and One Ok Rock. For more info, find Ryo on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Кто это? Сережа? Да когда то я был дедом……