Punk’s Not Dead Top, Nadia Harajuku Cherry Earrings & Platform Converse

Here’s a punky 18-year-old Japanese girl named Moeko who we ran into on the street in Harajuku.

Moeko’s outfit – which she put together mostly from items purchased at various Tokyo resale shops – features a fishnet top emblazoned with the words “Punk’s Not Dead” (and decorated with safety pins and a green skeleton hand) worn over red cutoff denim shorts. Her red platform Converse sneakers are from Nadia Harajuku, as are her cherries earrings (and probably the red cross necklace as well). Other accessories include a leopard print backpack, a silver teeth necklace, a studded bracelet, several Rolling Stones lip-logo rings, and a large heart ring.

Moeko told us that her favorite Tokyo shop is Nadia, her favorite fashion brand is RNA, and her favorite band is the J-Rock group 9MM Parabellum Bullet.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. love the look :) i really want the punks not dead top :)

  2. wearing a punk’s not dead shirt and a cross together is kind of a weird statement… nonetheless, cute outfit. :D I really love the lacy socks and sneakers combo.

  3. She’s incredibly cute. But she would look even better in birkenstock clogs without socks.:D

  4. Dreaded Queen

    Love the stacked converse and cherry earrings .

  5. ShounConCon

    Really want the punks not dead top , Leopard Print Backpack , and Nadia Harajuku Platform Converse ! >.<

  6. i’m not a big fan of punk style, but I really loved this outfit! it’s gorgeous! :)

  7. can someone please tell me where i can find that leapord print backpack, im inlove with it !

  8. I think that particular cross is her favourite, 3rd time I’ve seen her wear it, she pulls off the black and red very well!