Purple Hair, Leather Shorts, Alien Earring, Avant Garde & Bubbles in Tokyo

Ketsumo is 16 and you may remember her these recent street snaps. Back then she had pink hair, and now we’ve spotted her in a purple wig, wearing black and white. Ketsumo is a student and can be found on Twitter as @Ketsumopolice.

Ketsumo is wearing a graphic t-shirt from Avant Garde over a black turtleneck, with a colored necklace, and a jacket on top. She paired her leather shorts with distressed tights, white socks and black canvas platforms. She is wearing a bowler hat, alien earrings, a bead ring and a knuckle ring (some of which are from Bubbles), and a $ sign tattooed(?) on her finger. Her American Apparel tote is accessorized with a yin-yang pin.

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  1. Everyone must love that American Apparel bag. It’s seems to re-appear in recent street snaps (even from other websites) (:

  2. I’m jealous of her hair I could never pull that off!!

  3. she looks so cool and and i love how you can pull off ripped tights and still look really good