Purple Hair, Borders Skirt & Black Parasol

This is Nimu, an 18-year-old student with purple streaked hair that caught our eye. Her ruffled black chiffon top was a gift from her mother. Her black cotton and lace skirt is from Borders. We love her chunky black pumps with leather flowers, which she’s wearing with white polka dot ankle socks.

Nimu is carrying a spangled handbag from Kinji. Her other accessories, from Forever 21 and Borders, include a black watch and a ruffled black parasol.

Nimu’s favorite places to shop are vintage and resale shops. She likes to listen to the hard rock duo B`z.
Purple hair & black parasol

Purple streaked hair & ruffled chiffon top

Purple & black hair

Kinji spangled bag

Mary Jane pumps with leather flowers

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  1. Finally a more classic outfit apart from all the Harajuku & Co craziness of lolitas, dollies, visuals etc. Love her blouse and her skirt, and the shoes are definitely a nice addition.

  2. That is just brilliant! I love the whole look, her hair, top, skirt, shoes are just amazing!

  3. I like her clothes, but unfortunately it is less gothic makeup

  4. cute skirt. love those mary janes and white socks