Purple Hair, Crop Top, Harness & Crayon Shin-chan in Harajuku

Pi-chi is a friendly girl whose purple bob hairstyle caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. She is an illustrator and she works at a clothing boutique in Harajuku.

Pi-chi’s look features a checkered crop top from Forever 21 with cutoff denim shorts from Nadia Harajuku, net socks, and creepers from Nadia Harajuku. Accessories include suspenders, a harness, and bracelets. She’s got two bags – a backpack (decorated with Crayon Shin-chan charms) and a striped tote – one of which came from Spinns Harajuku.

Pi-chi told us that her favorite shop in Bubbles Harajuku and she enjoys the music of Utada Hikaru. Find Pi-chi on Twitter for more info or check out her artwork on Tumblr.

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  1. That is my fave hair color ever. Also love the harness thingy. And the Shin-Chan mascots on the backbag :) Followed on Tumbl for art updates :) !

  2. Eunjung from T-ara wore these in their music video “Countryside Diary”, and I’ve wanted them ever since, haha. Pi-chi looks super cool!

  3. quite literally loved this look, I love this combination of squares, stripes all in black and white. perfection.

  4. Interesting bondage kinda thing.. haven’t seen that one before!

  5. Brandon Frye

    I couldn’t look away from her belly button & her bondage shorts.