Purple Pastel Hair, Spike Headband & Winged Rocking Horse Shoes

This is Senanan, an indie Japanese fashion design who we see around Harajuku quite often. Our last snap of Senanan was pretty recent, but her hair color has changed so much (to a pretty pastel purple & blue) that we couldn’t resist photographing her again!

Senanan is wearing a sleeveless leather motorcycle jacket from One Spo over a top from Forever 21, a hot pink skirt, and Vivienne Westwood x Melissa winged rocking horse shoes. Accessories include a spike headband, triangle earrings, a skeleton hands necklace, an eyeball bow bracelet, a studded bracelet, a cross ring, and a large colorful fish purse.

Senanan is a fan of the Tokyo shop SPANK! If you’d like to know more about her, check out Senanan’s personal blog & Twitter.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    ichiban wings on feet ! ~ her hair is awesome & eyeball braclet is great but
    the barrier reef fish bag is like a spanner in the works ~ better with a big backpack perhaps black .

    And that baaaaaag it’s so cute!!
    Oh, I have that necklace! Except I just diy-ed it…… hehe.

  3. I LOVE HER HAIR! Not the rest of the outfit though…

  4. One can never go wrong with anything by Vivienne.
    I really like the biker vest paired with the punk studs and her cross ring.
    The tutu skirt, however, is gross. (Personal vendetta after watching daily 12yr olds spend their parents’ money for them at Forever21.)

  5. One of the few interesting and well thought-out outfits posted on here lately…

  6. wanna know the brand of that colorful fish purse ~!

  7. the spiked headband is like the one REN of NU’EST wore *Q*

  8. you are so cute!!
    i see you in kera of september 2012