Rainbow Hair w/ Space Tribe Mini, Dr. Martens & Anime Accessories in Harajuku

This is Yuri, an anime fan we met in Harajuku. Her rainbow hair is dyed in different shades of pink, green and blue. You might remember her from our snaps last year.

Yuri is wearing a resale black top with a Space Tribe mini skirt and a red hoodie on top. She’s wearing lots of colorful accessories, pins, necklaces, bracelets and rings, and she told us that she got them at anime and cosplay shops, as well as Cyberdyne. Her Dr. Martens boots have mismatched laces, and she wore them with knee-length socks.

Yuri told us she likes to shop at cyber rave stores, and that Anisong (music from Anime) is her favorite music.

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  1. She looks so cool! Does she have eyebrows though? o.o

  2. Love everything!!! But not the MLP and Miku Hanstune

  3. Andre Leblanc

    Last time so she was into hardcore and nerdcore . Now she into anisong?