R&E Stilettos and Gold Louis Vuitton Bag

We photographed this trendy Japanese girl named Maisa in Harajuku. She’s wearing a black cotton pleated dress from H&M over black leggings. Her black jacket has metallic studs on the shoulders and has been decorated with 3 playing cards.

Maisa’s accessories include a gold handbag from Louis Vuitton and black stiletto shoes from R&E. Her cool sunglasses from G2? feature an attached silver neck chain. She’s also wearing large heart-shaped hoop earrings with dangling stars.

Maisa’s favorite music genres are hip hop and R&B.
Japanese girl with R&E stilettos and gold Louis Vuitton Bag

G2? Sunglasses with silver neck chain

Gold Louis Vuitton bag and R&E stiletto shoes

Black jacket decorated with playing cards

Heart & star earrings and sunglasses with chain

Black leggings and R&E stilettos

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  1. I hate that LV monogram, it makes the outfit so gaudy and tacky. But I do love her jacket and hair, it’s a shame cause I think this outfit has much more potential than that stupid LV.

  2. Mescaline

    She reminds me CL of 2NE1.. Hair, sunglasses, heels, black.. yeah, she’s CL :)

  3. haha I agree..she’s a CL fan!! but her face reminds me of America Ferrera..lol >_<

  4. dillmockingbird

    just remove the cards and she’s okay ;)