Recchi in Harajuku w/ Cat-print Top, “HELLO” Cap & Kawaii Backpack

Recchi (aka Rena Igou or RenRen) is a famous Japanese gyaru model. She’s been featured in countless Japanese magazines (Egg, Ranzuki, etc.) as well as working with Japanese brands, Shibuya 109 shops, TV shows, and more.

We were lucky to spot her on the street in Harajuku, and she was nice enough to stop for a few quick snaps. Recchi’s outfit features a cat-print top with fuzzy sleeves, a plaid shirt tied around her waist, rolled-up pants, and blue paisley Study flats. Accessories include a head scarf, a “HELLO” cap, and a colorful kawaii balloon-print backpack.

If you’d like to know more about Recchi, check out her official Twitter!

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  1. I love her cat sweatshirt! Where can I get that????

  2. Awww, whyyyy didn’t you take a photo of her nails? Looks like they’re cool :D